The Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry is looking at making telecommunications equipment manufacturers and application administration firms subject to the telecommunications business law, besides the telecom support corporations presently subject to this, in response towards the large-scale dysfunction to SoftBank Corp.’s mobile phone network in December last yr.

By doing therefore, the ministry’s administrative assistance in the event of interruption will also be provided to telephony gear producers and software program supervision businesses.

Although the considerable outage found in December was caused by a software program glitch, the ministry was unable to straight order the organization that handled the software to consider measures to avoid similar occurrences.

The ministry is considering revising the regulation as soon as in 2020 after a research is carried out by a -panel of specialists. By studying the rules, the ministry seeks to build up an even more steady telecommunication environment.

The present law categorizes carriers with telecom features as telecom business workers. Besides SoftBank, NTT and KDDI will be classified as a result.

During a considerable disruption to telecommunications companies, the ministry can easily provide phone system organization workers supervision assistance, incorporating phoning upon them to record points regarding the trigger of the issue. The ministry experienced thought that simply by putting telecommunications business employees under it is advice, it might become capable to prevent defects in telephony providers, including cellular phone lines, exchanges and bottom channels.

That these steps are not adequate to prevent interruption came to mild when SoftBank Corp. ’s mobile cellphone solutions had been a strike on Dec. 6 previous season, leading to about 35.6 mil cases of disruption to mobile phone calls and net gain access to.

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