How Create A Game For Android

Today Android is by far the most used mobile OS, used by over an estimated 1 billion devices including tablets and smartphones worldwide. Right now, you can find thousands of games in the Google Play Store and they will continue increasing in the future. This makes it an important platform to focus on, whether you’re a publisher or studio looking to create a mobile game for profit or a brand or company creating a game for promotional purposes. Here’s what you need to know about creating, developing and launching an Android game.

Work on Your Idea

The basic step, and arguably the most important step, is planning — planning out every aspect of the game before you even begin coding. For a mobile game to be successful it is important that it is based on a killer idea like online roulette at Coral. The key to finding an idea is to think of something innovative and engaging. The idea should appeal to a mass audience to help you make profits. Think about everything you want in your game, and then write it down.

Create a Story

Stories go a long way in the gaming world. Your players will need a reason to finish the game. To create a story simply draw some questions about your characters in the game and you will get a game story. Questions can be:

  • Who is the hero and villain in the story?
  • Why are they fighting each other?
  • How will the hero achieve victory?
  • What are their strengths and weakness?


The next step of game development is prototyping. In this, you test out the core mechanics and features of the game to work out any known issues. You want to test your thoughts and ideas quickly so that you can know before you start coding what will and will not work.

Make it Addictive

A little addiction goes a long way in retaining gamer to your game. Your game should be easy and fun with a progressively increasing difficulty level. To keep them hooked create short levels with a lot of unlockable content.


The next stage is development. It is here that many developers lose their motivation and their desire to keep going. Choose a development engine or programming language that suits your game style and most importantly makes you comfortable while developing the game.


The final and most crucial step in game development is release. For this, you need to get people to play your game and to give you feedback. Based on this feedback make changes that you feel will make the game more fun. You need to focus on your game and encourage people to keep playing, taking their feedback so that you can work on it and make your game better.


Making android game is an exciting and fulfilling experience. By following mention steps, you help increase your chances of finishing your game by knowing what the road ahead looks like and knowing how to deal with them.

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